DIY péniszstimulátor

DIY péniszstimulátor

Vízálló Leírás Another firm, perfectly formed dildo from the Fleshjack Boys line of ultra detailed, incredibly realistic toys for men-loving men, the Jean-Daniel Chagall edition boasts this European porn star's exact likeness. Complete with accurate sizing and impressive attention to detail, Jean-Daniel's cock has a subtly curvy shape that hits the spot without strain.

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It's lightweight and very manageable with a size that's great for almost any experience level. The wide, flat base lets this dreamily lifelike dick stand alone, the rounded balls are perfect for hanging onto- they DIY péniszstimulátor make this dildo perfectly safe for ultra deep penetration.

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Made from hypoallergenic, platinum cured, medical grade silicone, this toy is extra hygienic, you'll be able to completely sterilize Jean-Daniel with a quick boil or a wipe-down with a bleach solution DIY péniszstimulátor if you'll be sharingbut a good wash with soap and water works equally DIY péniszstimulátor for everyday clean-up. The realistic feel of silicone only adds to the fantasy, this material offers a pleasurable drag against the skin that glides ultra smoothly with the addition of lube, and incredible temperature sensitivity that allows it to warm quickly to match body temperature as you play.

Speaking of lubricant, you'll want to use lots of a good water based formula to keep the material strong and lasting, avoid silicone lubricants and contact with other silicone toys and products. Length: 21 cm to the base Insertable length:

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